Designed to be the best all-around neck strap on the market, period. Not too long, not too short, the right buckle, not too fancy. Comfortable, easy to use. in the distinctive Ethix green.

****Please note that the clasp on this is TOO BIG for the Gforce balancer.****

Customer Reviews

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matthew Doherty
I would skip it.

Just got it in today. the pad is way too small IMO, and its been stitched in place to stop it from moving, which would be great except its stitched about 3" off center. so I have to adjust the strap way out of center to fix it. the pad is small and not that soft on my skin. at least it wasn't expensive....

Mr. DP


Best neck strap!!

Beats all FrSky neck straps that have no comfort. Won’t look for any other after this purchase!

Robert Nadeau
Ethix Radio Lanyard

I disagree with the review claiming that the strap is flimsy. Far from it, this strap is made using a weave reminiscent of automotive safety belts.

The neck pad isn't particularly useful, and it tends to slide around, so I put a dot of hot melt glue on each edge of it to hold it in place. I have no regrets with this purchase.

Renee Stavenik
Ethix neck strap vs. New Bee Drone Strap

I thought the Ethix strap was by far flimsier than the super high quality New Bee Drone neck strap. It looks awesome on screen, but crappy in person. Cool colors and design, but junky. The padding is so thin, it's just for looks, really. Even the type of webbing is too thin.