Fatshark Scout FPV Drone Box Goggles

The Scout is FatShark's flagship box goggle! Inside is a patented panel goggle optical module that delivers a crisp 50 degree field of view image from a 1136x640 pixel resolution 60 fps screen.

The built in patch antenna, DVR, OSD, and USB charging make using the goggle a breeze to both new and experienced pilots. An LED indicator on the outside provides the pilot with the set channel, removing the need to put the goggles on to check.

For pilots with glasses, removable foam allows the use of spectacles!


  • FOV (field of view): 50 degrees diagonal
  • Type: Plastic optics
  • Display: 4.0 inch
  • Resolution 1136 X 640    
  • NTCS/PAL auto selecting
  • Audio: Stereo
  • User Controls: Channel Selection, Band Selection, Display Control, Volume Control, Beep Control, RX set, Fan Control, Clock set
  • Mode Selection (RX/AV/AUX)
  • DVR Control
  • Power Supply: Standard 18650 Li-ion battery
  • RF Modules: Infinite channel support on multiple bands
  • Analog DVR: MicroSD support to 64 GB
  • Record Rate:  6Mbps (MJPG compression, 60 fps, MOV)
  • File playback (native recording, no codec support)
  • Upgradeable via SD card
  • Battery: 3.7V, 2600mAh (18650 cell) 
  • Interface: 3.5mm AV in port
  • 3.5mm 3p earphone port
  • MicroSD
  • USB-C
  • AUX port


  • 1x FatShark SCOUT headset
  • 1x 5.8Ghz omni antenna
  • 1x Omni Antenna LED Ring
  • 1x5G8 Patch Antenna (built-in headset)
  • 1x18650 2600mAh Battery(built-in headset)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joshua Wesley
Great, I think.

My first set of FPV goggles. It definitely outperforms my son’s FS Recon, I believe due to the diversity. Comfortable on my big face, but there is no way they’d fit over glasses. The anti-fog fan is not adjustable and can’t be turned off, which starts to suck on long flights due to my contacts drying out. Added eye drops to my flight box. The image is clear, and menu and controls are intuitive. I’ve used these for my Mobula6, Arrma Granite, and a scratch built FPV wing.

Latency problems...

Just google it. I can't fly with this googgle. :( But it has a decent built in 60fps DVR.