FETtec ESC 4in1 3 - 6S 35A V1.1

The FETtec 35A 4in1 ESC is the 20x20 mount little brother of the FETtec 45A 4in1 ESC.

Although the current rating was reduced slightly from the smaller footprint, this 4in1 ESC still has all of the magic of true love's first KISS. Some notable features are: Dshot2400, 128kHz motor PWM, and increased area around the battery soldering pads for safer use.


  • Active current limiting @ 35A
  • Input voltage: 3S-6S
  • High quality 40V MOSFETs
  • STM32G071 @ 64MHz
  • 128 kHz Motor PWM
  • Full sine wave control
  • Soldering holes for up to 5 additional capacitors
  • KISS FC Passthrough
  • Betaflight Passthrough (available in 4.1)
  • Automatic input signal detection:
    • Dshot 300-2400
    • PWM
    • OneShot42/125
    • OneWire BUS with up to 8kHz looptime (one cable for all Motorsignals and Telemetry)
  • New version 1.1
    • more space around battery pads
    • one blue LED for each ESC onboard
    • new protection circuit for the signal IOs
    • no more capacitors close to the mounting holes

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Merz
Seems just as good as the 45a but 20x20

Not much difference than the larger 45a esc. However, the vcc pads on each corner are super tiny. They are small thru hole connections. I don’t love that. Otherwise, nothing to complain about. I like having a 20x20 option.