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    If you are looking for a freestyle frame that will give you more performance during your flight, then the GEP-Mark4 5" Frame is right for you! This super light frame has plenty of space for electronics, is very easy to assemble, made of 3K carbon fiber and comes with replacement parts!


    • Super lightweight Freestyle frame
    • Beautiful appearance design durable in crashing
    • Quick maintenance arms and replacement of equipment
    • 25mm standoffs for better height and CG relation, Ample space for electronic installation
    • Alu6061 Standoff New, Strengthen the hardness
    • There are 30.5*30.5 and 20*20 flight control holes, Stack can fit in the center or the rear.
    • High quality 3K twill carbon fiber plate, high precision CNC processing
    • YFS screw, 12.9-grade strength, non-slip teeth, anti-rust, Durable steel hardware


    • Brand name: GEPRC
    • Item name: Mark 4-5
    • Frame type: H type
    • Propeller: 5inch
    • Motor to motor: 225mm
    • Size: 145*172mm
    • Weight: 102g
    • Arms plate: 5mm
    • Side plate: 2.5mm
    • Top plate: 2.5mm
    • Bottom plate: 2.5mm
    • Protect plate: 2mm


      • 4 x 5mm 5inch Arms plate
      • 2 x 2.5mm Side plate
      • 1 x 2.5mm Top plate
      • 1 x 2.5mm Bottom plate
      • 2 x 2mm Bumpers plate
      • 2 x 2mm Reinforce plate
      • 1 x Lipo Silicone pad


      • 8 x M3*25mm Alu6061 Standoff New Titanium color
      • 4 x M3*18mm Alu6061 Standoff New Titanium color
      • 8 x M3*8 YFS Flat Screw
      • 4 x M3*10 YFS Flat Screw
      • 4 x M3*12 YFS Button Screw
      • 4 x M3*14 YFS Button Screw
      • 4 x M3*20 YFS Button Screw
      • 4 x M3 Flight control silicone
      • 4 x M3 Nylon nut
      • 4 x 5*150 Nylon tie
      • 2 x 20*220 GEPRC Lipo strap
      • 1 x 15*250 GEPRC Lipo strap
      • 1 x 2.4g Antenna fixed tube