Introducing the Talon HD 30x30

This is the IDEAL fc for DJI customers looking for the easiest, most straight forward setup on the market. Eliminate the likelihood of messing up a solder contact and use the plugs designed for easy plug and play use with the DJI HD system while still having a robust design with Pitmode for analog built right into the board.

Talon HD specs

FC specs:

1. Stm32F722
2. MPU6000 gyro
3. Blackbox chip
4. Usb- type c
5. 6 UARTS
6. Plug and play DJI connector (includes cable)
7. 4 in 1 esc connector
8. Pit mode switch ( can be use analog signal as back up for DJI)
9. Max 50V input ( 10s) battery input
10. Bec 1.5A 5v 1.5A 10V ( for DJI HD unit)
11. Solder pads for esc connector



Customer Reviews

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Ross peterson
Great fc

Great fc for dji and is solid af