Meet Tiny Talon!  He brings the first of his parts and is a world's first offering!  The Tiny Talon Stack!  Full sized performance in the smallest of packages!  Typical Talon quality and cutting edge performance while keeping the pricing down so everyone can enjoy them.  Take your micros to a completely different level with ALL of today's best technology!  No more settling for watered down performance in your micros!  F7?  Check, 32 bit ESC?  Check.  Even RPM filtering, check check and check!!!  Everything you would expect from a Talon product and more!!  


FC spec:
1. First micro (16X16) STACK with F7 and 32bit ESC
2. MCU: STM32F722RET6 216MHz
3. 6-Axis MPU6000
4. Build in Beta flight OSD
5. 2- 4S( 17V ) direct battery power
6. Build in Voltage monitoring resistor
7. Build in 5V/1.5A BEC and 3.3V/250mA for system
8. 2 free FULL UARTS :UART1, UART5.
9. VTX use UART3 TX3.
10. 16x16 mounting pattern
11. Designed to use on 5V camera and VTX.

12. Only 2.1 Grams

Betaflight Target: TalonF7V2

ESC spec:
1. 2-4s Battery Input.
2. First 16x16 mounting 32bit ESC, running BLHELI_32
3. 15A continuous and 20A burst.
4. RPM filtering support
5. build in Current sensor

6. Only 3.2 Grams

Includes Cap, Xt30, standoffs, ESC cable, and of course Gummies!

NOTICE  Flash before installing to latest 

Betaflight Target: TalonF7V2!

Use our TalonF7V2 FW for all the performance of full size!!