HGLRC Thor Pro LiPo Parallel Balance Charging Board - XT30 and XT60

When charging LiPo batteries, safety is key. Simple parallel charging boards can be dangerous to use - plug in any connector incorrectly, and a hot spark can occur and ruin the battery or the charging board. A fire can even be started.

The HGLRC Board has two built-in protections for common errors while using parallel charging boards.

1. Balance Connector Protection

If you somehow plug in a balance battery incorrectly, the board will protect itself from high currents. An LED indicator will light up to alert you of this error.

2. XT30/XT60 Protection

If there is a short between the main leads of a battery, 15A automotive fuses will blow and protect from accidental fires.

Features and Specifications

Lipo Battery Balance Charger Board:

Max Input Current: 40A
Max Balance Current: 2A
Cell Count Support: 2-6s
Charge Connector Protection: Each XT30/XT60 port has its own 15A Automotive fuse
Battery Balancing Connector Protection: There is an indication of LED when Self-resetting in short circuit situation in thermal fuses between every balancing pin.

Lipo Battery Discharger

Input voltage:2-6s
Cut-off voltage of discharging of Single-chip:3.8V
Battery type:LiPo battery
Battery interface:XT30/XT60

Packaging includes

1x Thor Lipo Battery Balance Charger Board Pro
1x Balance cable (200mm)
1x Balance XT60 cable (female to female cable)(200mm)

HGLRC Thor Pro LiPo Parallel Balance Charging Board - XT30 and XT60 Safety Features and Specifications

Customer Reviews

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Marky Mark
Absolutely awesome

Safe and great quality!!! I will purchase again...the right choice for battery charging!!

Charging Board

This parallel charging board is really meet my exceptions. It is excellent in quality. Thank you Newbee for providing me one.