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    HGLRC Zeus F748 Stack 3-6s - F722 Flight Controller and 48A BL_S 4in1 ESC

    The HGLRC Zeus comes packing with a whopping 48A of continuous current rating!

    The flight controller is extremely flexible: available are 5 UARTs each with the option to solder or plug into! The solder pads are large and easy to solder to.

    Here are some of the really cool plugs available - 4x LED plugs, 1x DJI plug, and 1x GPS plug.

    The 4in1 ESC is built with a sleek protective heat sink to increase its durability and longevity.

    Check out the banner below for more information on the features and an instructive wiring diagram!

    Features and Specifications

    HGLRC ZeusF748 STACK FPV Racing Drone 3-6S F722 Flight Controller 48A BL_S 4in1 ESC

    Usage:for 100mm-450mm Frame Kit
    FC Firmware:BF HGLRCF722(HGLR)
    Installing Hole:30.5X30.5mm.M3

    Item Name:ZeusF748 STACK

    Zeus F722 Flight Controller
    CPU:STM32F722 RET6
    Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo

    Zeus 48A BL_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC
    Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo
    Steady Current:48A
    Peak Current:55A(10 Sec)

    Package Included:
    1x Zeus F722 Flight Controller
    1x Zeus 48A BL_S 3-6S 4in1 ESC

    HGLRC Zeus F748 Stack - F722 Flight Controller and 48A BL_S ESC Features and Wiring Diagram

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