The Blaster Motor is back - now available in both 2450KV and 1800KV! And the Blaster Replacement Program has been extended indefinitely!

The design of the Hypetrain Blaster resembles a Radiation Hazard symbol, evoking memories of Rotor Riot's radioactive adventures in Chernobyl. The top of the bell is made from aluminum and anodized to a sleek matte black finish, while the steel magnet ring is black with beautiful gold plated highlights. The distinctive bell is supported by a weight saving hollow-core steel shaft, and held in place with a hex shaft screw, facilitating motor service.

Through the implementation of an open, naked bottom type aluminum base, the Blaster reduces excess material to a minimum, saving weight while reducing heat accumulation in the motors stator and windings. The base maintains the standard Hypetrain 16x16mm mounting pattern, which optimizes mounting options, maintaining compatibility with older frames and saving an extra bit of weight.


The Hypetrain Blaster is built on a 2207 stator, which provides explosive throttle response on the top end with great control feel, and the copper winding specifications have been tuned to achieve a balanced 2450kv, optimizing efficiency for most 5” propeller choices on the market while increasing throttle resolution.

In other words, if you're looking for a motor for a 5" quad, with excellent balance between performance, agility, speed and efficiency, the Hypetrain Blaster should definitely be high on your list!


  • Unique Bell Design
  • Machined Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • Hollow Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Shaft Screw (No C-clip)
  • "Naked Bottom" Design
  • Copper Windings
  • Silicone Sheathed Wires
  • Square Mounting Pattern
  • Unique Serial Number on the Motor Base


  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Stator Size: 2207
  • KV: 2450 KV
  • Shaft: Hollow Steel Shaft
  • Wires: 118mm long, 20 AWG, silicone sheath
  • Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm