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    The NewBeeDrone Invisi360 BNF Cinewhoop Drone

    Important: New versions of Invisi360 BNF will use Polar Camera instead of DJI Camera for Caddx Vista. 

    Review Video: 

    In combination with the Insta360 ONE R 360 Camera, the Invisi360 Cinewhoop Drone captures flawless 360 degree footage in a compact and portable package. The frame is only 0.85 inches thick to allow the Insta360 to stitch together images from both sensors without any blind spots.

    A unique two-battery mounting configuration perfectly balances the CG and keeps it in line with the props unlike a top or bottom mounted battery. In addition, using two batteries allows the user to choose between 3s and 6s operation.

    3s is perfect for slower and controlled indoor flights or where safety is important. The 6s configuration is useful for when the pilot is chasing fast subjects or flying in large spaces.

    As always, NewBeeDrone each Invisi360 contains high quality electronics and carbon fiber. Check out the parts list below!

    What's Inside?

    NewBeeDrone Infinity200 Stack 

    The Infinity200 stack earned it's current rating of 45A per motor through strenuous simulations and high-power drone test flights. A large metal heatsink covers the ESC's MOSFETs for heat dissipation as well as debris, dust, and water protection.

    NewBeeDrone Infinity200 Stack 45A

    NewBeeDrone Flow 2004 1750KV Motors

    We designed the NewBeeDrone Flow 2004 Motor to balance efficiency, power, and feel. Inside of each motor are two NSK / NMB 730ZZ Ball Bearings which are known as the best in the business for smoothness and durability. The shiny finished bell was CNC machined out of 7075 aluminum alloy and meticulously quality checked for perfection.

    NewBeeDrone Flow 2004 1750KV Cinewhoop Motor

    Caddx Polar with DJI Camera

    The Caddx Vista with Polar Camera provides the crystal clear image required to capture professional footage. 1200mW of transmitting power and a proprietary digital protocol ensure the FPV signal will penetrate through walls, trees, and long distances.

    Invisi360 BNF Components

    Recommended Battery and Spare Props

    Note: The Insta360 360 Camera is not included. Click here to purchase.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jim C
    Challenges and incomplete build

    I like the drone but the incomplete build that was shipped to me after waiting a month, with absolutely zero instructions for any of the components or information on how they had been connected made getting it in the air a bit of a challenge. This was FAR from BNF. Frustration exacerbated by support not actually reading the ticket I submitted for connecting the 360 camera (a part was missing) or the detailed photos I took, and waiting for a month to get the drone to start with. The drone is probably right where it needs to be with power as a cinewhoop but I will likely end up increasing the power. The lens protectors to protect the camera take away any hope of having a truly invisible drone. If you want that you have to leave the 360 camera unprotected.

    Ray G “RAGE”
    Invisi more like invisible!

    Love this drone, perfect application for my intended use. If you can gap it this drone can tap it. It flies soo nice & the motor noise is quite impressively low. I wanted a awesome cinewhoop with recon capabilities & this drone delivered in all points. With zero battery noise this drone can literally fly anywhere without having to account for additional gap space. I may get the 360 camera at some point for filmage but right meow recon & intel are my main focus and this drone checks the box. I just love the way it flies, so smooth and clean.


    Steve P.
    Unique and smooth setup

    Works great and runs super smooth, but this is only a slow cruising drone on 4S, since the KV is soo low the drone feels very underpowered. Might switch out the leads and try 6S in the future, but be careful with the 4S 650mah batteries when sliding them in the slots cuz it’s a tight fight and can easily catch on the edge of the carbon stripping bits off your battery wires.

    Thomas Anderson
    Does not hover

    Drone is not stable and is constantly moving and rotating without stick inputs. Cannot get insta360 video as drone is moving all around.

    voley martin
    Cool Concept but...

    Awesome Looking drone, cant wait to try it out, however after pairing with my DJI headset and radio is stopped working altogether. I plug in the first battery and get only 2 beeps, then no response from anything. Hoping NBD answers my help ticket with some good troubleshooting tips cus otherwise I may be out a brand new drone!