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    DON'T LET YOUR PACKS GRIP SLIP!! Make sure that your lipo battery is one with your craft my applying Lipo-Lock to your frame and battery.

    A simple solution that doesn't matter if you get it dirty and will not lose its effectiveness over a short amount of time.

    Oh yeah, did we mention that you can also fly a bottom mount battery without a strap?! Even though we do not suggest that technique, it is good to know that your flight is not just dependent on 1 or 2 straps.

    Includes 4x 2'' pieces of 3M Extreme Dual lock tape


    • Add 1 piece of LiPo-Lock to the craft and 1 for each battery you plan to use with the craft.
    • We usually fit to size, cut if needed and then apply with pressure for several minutes. We use the 2'' strips for 4-6s and cut it down depending to size of the craft / battery for everything smaller. Apply with more force and time the smaller you go for the best bond.
    • Make sure the first application is done well with a good grip on the carbon and it will be¬†nice and secure!


    This is an extreme version of Dual Lock that has to be normally special ordered in a large roll. This item is meant to make it easily available for pilots to try and secure their packs to their crafts without buying a huge roll!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Saverio Avella
    Great Security for Your Lipos

    These are great to use on all your quads/batteries.

    They really secure your batteries to your quad. Definitely better than those sticky pads.

    The only disadvantage using this system is that it’s best to use it on all your quads because you would not want to remove the tape from your batteries to use it on quads that do not have the lock tape.

    Michael Callahan
    Perfect battery ejection solution

    These guys added some for free in one of my orders. I'm really glad they did as it prevents batteries ejecting on my 3" and 2" quads.
    It's a way better solution than Velcro or non slip pads. I will be purchasing some more in my next order.