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    Pair the great entry-level T-Lite radio with a multiprotocol module and a BeeBrain Pro DSM to save! 

    The AcroBee BeeBrain Pro

    The same dependable platform with upgraded features to keep you in the air longer. Turtle mode and more efficient ESC's are the big upgrades that will change how you fly from the ground up!

    Turtle Mode

    Everyone needs it every once in a while, may as well have it just in case! This function allows you to flip back over if you find yourself upside down after a crash.

    ESC Efficiency Redefined!

    1s crafts are meant to be quick, accurate and safe for those indoor races around crowds or just flying around the house with family so adding more power to them would defeat the main purpose. Instead we wanted to capture the power that is required and grant longer flight times! We have restructured how the ESC carries power to give longer, more fulfilling flights. 

    The Jumper T-Lite Radio

    The T-Lite has all the features necessary for FPV found on larger transmitters boiled down into a smaller gamepad format. This includes features like Hall gimbals, OpenTX support, an internal JP4in1 module, USB-C charging, and external module support.


    • OpenTX firmware
    • Simulator ready
    • Removable antenna
    • High-quality hall sensor gimbals
    • Internal Multi-protocol module
    • Supports external modules like Jumper R900, Frsky R9, TBS CRSF, etc.
    • Built-in USB-C charging
    • Voice and Vibration function

    Included with this Bundle

    • 1x Jumper T-Lite Multi-Protocol Radio
    • 1x NewBeeDrone BeeBrain Pro DSM BNF


    Batteries and charger not included. Jumper T-Lite requires: 1x 18650 . BeeBrain Pro requires 1x Nitro Nectar Gold 300 or 1x Nitro Nectar Gold 250.

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