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    This NewBeeDrone Traveling Case is designed to fit the DJI Radio Transmitter and Goggles. The mold on the inside can be removed to fit other items also!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    FPV monster
    Nice case for DJI FPV

    Only had it for two week, so far seems like a good product. The Radio and Goggles fit tight, will not move around, most importantly, the lid has enough room and will not damage control sticks.

    Gustavo M.
    Smells awful

    The case fits the controller and goggles well, but it came with a terrible smell of smoke and burnt plastic for some reason. It's disgusting.

    Now, after just one time using it, I can feel the awful smell when I put my goggles on. I'll try washing the case, but it sucks that I have to do it, and I don't know if the smell will come off. If not, I'm trowing it in the trash, as newbeedrone customer support seems unwilling to deal with this and other faulty products I got in my order.

    Almost perfect

    This case is almost perfect I have 2 sets of DJI goggles it would be nice if they had an Insert that would fit 2 sets of goggles instead of radio and goggles

    John Hanson
    Excellent case, excellent company

    The case fits my goggles with the AXII HD patch antennas and stubbies on top perfectly. I can fit the goggles along with the battery, DJI controller, straps, and even some extra props. NewBeeDrone customer service is also top notch. Thank you for the excellent product and service, I will be ordering more in the future from you!

    Jon Barnes
    Perfect Protection for my Digital FPV Gear

    This case offers a great solution for compactly carrying (and protecting) my DJI controller and V1 FPV Goggles. And the price is really good too. There is room in the lid for the four antennae and various cables too.

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