Unofficial Description: The NewBeeDrone Inception Totem can help you clarify if you're indeed in your own reality and not in someone else's dream. FPV can be very esoteric; thus, if you're unfortunately trapped in a dream of someone's, the characteristics of the totem will most likely be off because most people are unfamiliar with FPV. With the NewBeeDrone Inception Totem, you can make sure you're not trapped in the dream of your neighbor, wife, or arch-nemesis because let's be honest: Who would have thought you can make a motor bell into a spinning top?

However, NewBeeDrone does not guarantee you can save yourself from other FPV enthusiasts' dream since they will also be familiar with the characteristics of this totem. Hence, we highly encourage you to modify the totem to your own. 


This package includes: 

  • 1x Flow motor bell
  • 1x Totem conversion screw
  • 1x Aluminum totem plate

 Buy now to ensure you're not trapped in someone's dream of a dream of a dream. 


Official Description: The office desktop spinner personifies NewBeeDrone as a desktop piece. Meticulously milled and anodized with a bronze finish, the spinner stands out as a highly-satisfying accessory for our truest fans.

A Flow motor bell with a rounded tip is included so you can let it rip!

The spinner also functions as a dish to hold screws and other small fasteners while you build.

Customer Reviews

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Dylan Young Aka “Wynn FPV”
So addicting!

I unboxed this top and I couldn’t stop spinning it. I felt like Peter McKinnon for a little bit, when he does something over and over because the sound or what the product does😂 it’s quite addictive! I’m also very impressed with the quality of the product!