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    Now with Crossfire + BeeBrainBL V1 100mw VTX so you can go long range!

    Are you ready for the ultimate lightweight 3" build? Introducing the NewBeeDrone SavageBee!! A lightweight setup designed to work with our brushless whoop FCs that will blow your mind. 



    • The 3D printed battery mount only fits Nitro Nectar Gold 300 mAh batteries
    • For 2s, you will need to purchase a Y-cable if you plan to use two 1s batteries
    • 11420KV motors are intended for 1S only

    Recommended 1s Batteries:

    Recommended 2s Batteries:

    3D Print Battery Mount:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Flyin' T
    SavageBee 2S

    A great little flyer just about anywhere you go. I bring mine with me on the road everywhere. I fly in rest areas, parks, playgrounds, you name it. Full of power and agility, the SavageBee flys Acro effortlessly. A great buy at a reasonable price...

    Juan Gallardo
    Nice flying but fragile?

    I took this drone for a spin, and it flies amazingly. It's quiet, stable, and super controllable. But I crashed lightly and one motor stopped working directly. I don't see any physical damage, and I don't know if it's the ESC or the motor, but seems quite fragile if after one soft crash the drone stops working...

    Donald Murray
    Best park flyer bar none

    Now I already had the 1s version but live in a bit of a wind tunnel so the days I can fly seem super limited. I also recently switched over to digital hd fpv and swore I’d never buy analog again. And I didn’t right until the 2s savage bee came back in stock, bought it without a second thought and have not regretted it a second. Still pretty quiet and super fun and now with enough muscle to fly in a slight 10 mph breeze without too much adverse effect. This is also an amazing drone to practice full acro flight. Highly recommend this drone.

    Great fun,, the first few flights have been squirrelee as hell haha

    If crashed hard a couple times and of course repairs are part of the hobby. Canopy broke and cut one of the motor wires. Bent a couple props, haha Great for learning the software too. I've lost one of the rx antenna, can u guys send me a new one, haha. Really cool tho

    Originally DOA, now flying

    Drone never flew out of the box, would arm and then disarm immediately. NBD customer support is lacking, as usual, blaming the customer, slow response, etc. so now I have a $150 paperweight.
    Edit 7/28/21: Disarming problem solved by a setting in Betaflight, VTX "Low Power Disarm" must be off. Makes no sense why that prevented quad from flying. Thanks to NBD support helping me sort out the issues, I finally have a quad that flies like you would expect: an ultralight, controllable racer with decent power. Still only 3 stars because of reliability concerns though. Canopy broke already, and rx had to be replaced. I fly on grass so it definitely is the quad. I guess if you want tough you have to sacrifice lightness.