NewBeeDrone VRDrone RTF is the best kit to start learning FPV. 

How to video: 
Drone Gyro/Accelerometer Calibration:


Flight Controller
-NewBeeDrone VRDrone V1.0 Develop by NewBeeDrone team, Perfect handling as a Professional FPV drone
-Receiver: BeeSign protocol (NewBeeDrone self developed protocol)
-Brushed ESC 5A per motors JST1.25plug 
-25mw VTX  control by OSD
- Power connector: PH2.O
- Powerful OSD Menu include changing VTX channel and PID adjustment. 

-NewBeeDrone BDR GOLD Edition - 6mm Brushed Motor
-NewBeeDrone Azi (Tri Blade) Micro Propellers 31mm - 0.8mm Shaft 
-NewBeeDrone VRDrone 65mm brushed Frame
-NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar Gold 250mAh 1S HV LiPo Battery
Remote Control
-NewBeeDrone Beemote V2 VRDrone edition with Beesign Protocol
-Plug N Play for simulator (Joystick mode always ready)
-Battery Size 800mAh
-SmartBattery Protection- The BeemoteV2 power manager system will automatically discharge the battery to storage mode and put the system to sleep if its not been use for more then 7Days. 
Video Goggle(FPV Goggle)
-The goggle is also the container for the drone, Charger and batteries. 
-Monitor comes with super fast channel search, accurate channel lock in. 
-The drone container has build in Battery charger can charge up to 4 batteries at a time. Please use 2Amp USB Power supply. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cody Moehrle
VR Drone Bundle KIT

Worst purchase ever on the flight controller the motors 1 and 4 do not get the power they are needed so the drone never flew properly i printed a lighter frame didnt help when i told newbeedrone the issue they said they would be happy to have me pay to send it back and pay for the flight controller to be fixed. Originally when i asked they said the controller would work with other drone. then i was wanting confirmation as someone told me diffrent and sure enough it does not work. Ive reached out to them i even bought more motors only to have 2 out of the 4 not work properly the company has not offered any help or assistance. I would not buy from agian and it was so poor i would even feel the need to let my friends be on alert not to purchase from be cause of this experinc.

Aadric Allan

grate for someone just starting out and dont want to buy the expensive goggles

Juvenal Herrera

Awesome rtf kit Drone but the goggles screen are gray when I power on, I press any buttons and nothing happened so I used my different goggles

Jamey Tebay
Vrdrone kit

Fun kit but not at all impressed by the durability of the frame of this drone. Frame completely broke after a handful of flight and now the shipping on a new frame costs nearly as much as the frame.

Roy Granadoz

NewBeeDrone VRDrone RTF Bundle Kit