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We are excited to introduce the Nitro Nectar Gold Series HV Lipo Battery Series! They use a different battery packaging technology that provides a better discharging rate for those who like to push the limit! We tested these batteries with our powerhouse 1S craft, the AcroBee BeeBrain BL BNF and they are built to keep up with the demand of raw thrust! After 3 months testing, we are now ready to bring them to the market for whoop pilots across the world!

Lightweight, durable and plenty of power to bring home the Gold!

NOTE: These packs are designed to deliver a major amount of power! With the discharge rate that gives these packs such power, you will feel pack sag much later than normal packs. We suggest setting the low voltage reading to 3.5v and bringing it in to land at 3.3v. You are able to fly below 3.3v but that may result in battery degradation.

You will need a high voltage capable charger, such as our brand new Nectar Injector portable USB powered charger.

Click here to grab some GNB27 pigtails to install on your drone or make charging harnesses.

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  • Cell count: 1
  • Nominal voltage: 3.8V
  • Max voltage: 4.35V
  • Capacity: 300mah
  • Continuous discharge rating: 40C
  • Max discharge rating: 80C
  • Dimensions: 62mm x 10.5mm x 6.5mm
  • Weight: 8.10g (+/-1%)
  • Plug: PH 2.0 or GNB27
  • Watt hours: 1.14 Wh



NewBeeDrone Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah 1s HV Lipo Battery

If you have issues with the batteries stuck in the charger, please watch the following video to learn how to safely remove the batteries without breaking them:

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
michael black
Amazing lipos!

Love the lipos and for the price they cant be beat!definitely will be buying more.onky thing I have noticed is that some have been bent and don't seem to have the same output as they did but still better that 80% of other 1s lipos I've used.

Upgrade well needed

Have been running these for a while and it been nothing but a great experience so far


I had high hopes for these batteries since they were definitely a name brand battery and I love NBD products. I was let down by the batteries puffing up noticeably after only a couple flights. I would not recommend these batteries for beginner to medium level pilots as proper battery management is a MUST with these and those just starting out would benefit from more forgiving batteries.

Awesome batteries for mobula6!

I had an absolute blast with these batteries and my mobula6! Somehow they last longer than 380 mah batteries from another brand so now these are my primary batteries for 1s whoops

Marco Mendez

Best 1s lipos