Orqa FPV.One MK2 Pilot Goggles


A new flagship headset by Orqa arrives with optimized and improved electronics and mechanical design while keeping its authentic look and feel.

Orqa combines functionality with modern aesthetics by an artistically implemented visual and tactile construct into a sophistically engineered software and hardware system.

Silent, but cooler than ever.

FPV.One Pilot has undergone complete mechanical and electronic redesign resulting in the removal of both top fans present on the original FPV.One. Each optical engine got its
dedicated fan with an out-of-the-box method for optional automatic defogging when necessary. No more foggy lenses or unpleasant breeze (dry eyes)!

Sony OLEDs never looked so good. “Is this digital?”

Redesigned optical engines make the image sharper than ever. All possible aberrations, ghosting and pin cushioning are addressed with improved design of glass lenses, and a special coating is now applied to lenses. Moreover, the FPV.One Pilot comes with a new mechanism for focus adjustment in addition to the original IPD adjuster. Adapt visual experience to your eyes, not the other way around.

Forget the smell of burning screens and electronics

FPV.One Pilot comes with overvoltage and reverse polarity protection, and now takes up to 6S batteries!

Custom connector for future expansions

The “Portal” on top of the goggles is the interface for the upcoming Orqa HD Digital system. It can also be used as a wired video output for other expansions like cameras, special antennas etc.

Completely new Menu/OSD

Cleaner, faster and more intuitive. Various integrations with 3rd parties and brand new features to be released throughout 2022… in a typical Orqa fashion.

Everything else is more or less the same with a few minor changes - classic Orqa style.

Embedded computing power in your goggles.
The most powerful set of FPV goggles available. Its open architecture enables expandability and upgrades through two module bays.

Support for standard analog and digital video inputs
Choose whether your standard analog VRx, or go digital using a micro HDMI video port and the Orqa portal.

HD image quality from 2x 0.5" Sony OLEDs
Enjoy edge-to-edge crisp image on the best-in-class OLED displays for FPV headset. Biggest pixel count in the industry.

Adjust your FOV and switch aspect ratio.
Drone racing or freestyle? Switch the Field of View between 37° and 33° with a simple click of a button and set the image to your flying preference.

Record your flight in real-time with 1280x960 at 60fps
Record your FPV footage in high definition directly from the goggles with built-in HD DVR and forget about lost frames.

FPV headset Designed and Manufactured in Europe
Every unit is hand-assembled and QC'd by our team of engineers and technicians. Orqa is proudly designed and made in Croatia, Europe.

Connect the mobile app to your goggles and download flight videos, update headset firmware and much more…


Color Options Gun Metal Gray
Viewing angle 37° at 4:3 or 33° at 16:9 aspect ratio
Screen resolution 1280 x 960 pixels
Aspect ratio 4:3 native, 16:9 (720p)
Power supply 6-25VDC (2-6S Li-ion Battery)
Power consumption 2.8W, typical
Integrated Head Tracker Output 3.5mm jack
Focus Adjust -4D - +4D
HDMI video input micro HDMI
Battery connector 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector
IPD Range 56 - 74 mm
Integrated DVR 1280x960, 50/60 fps, H.264, mp4
Standard receiver bay High power
Secondary bay for additional modules 5V, SDIO, UART
Weight (without battery) 265 grams
Dimensions 177 x 107 x 72 mm


  • 1x Foam pack
  • 1x Hard case
  • 1x Strap

For additional info - check out Orqa FPV.One Pilot Manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice Goggles

As always NBD provided great service 5 stars for them + fast shipping👍🏼.

About the goggles: I’ve been using them since two weeks now. I think they are excellent goggles, but expensive. It takes couple of days getting used to them. The UI is amazing. FOV is just perfect, I don’t buy that small FOV crap. Seems to have improved goggle strap which is great. Some things I did not like about the goggles: The face foam is poorly glued to the velcro part and it separates if u strap / unstrap it just 2-3 times. I haven’t used the other pleather Face cushion yet. The second thing I didn’t like is the display settings adjustment, Such as brightness, color, contrast etc… is all set to 50% by default and adjusting anything in there only seems to worsen the image, kinda making it washed out. Overall it’s a great goggle, I’d recommend it to someone who wants premium goggles but has poor vision and need custom lenses.

Aadric Allan

so much rangeeeee

Orqa ! Where is digital ?!

This brand must offer something else as a product