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    Material: PP fine fiber non-woven, PP melt blown fabric (medical grade)

    Product Name: Protective Pro Disposable Masks

    Execution standard: YY/T0969-2013

    Packaging: 50 pcs / case

    Expiration: two years

    Instructions for wearing and tightness check

    1. Facing the side of the mask without the nose clip, the mask is attached to the face of the mouth and nose, and the ear straps at both ends are hung on both ears.
    2. Use two fingers to gently press the bridge of the nose to make the rest of the nose fit and tightly sealed.
    3. Adjust the position to make it comfortable to wear.
    4. Before entering work area, you must check the tightness of the mask and face
    5. Cover the mask with both hands.
    6. Breathe vigorously. If the air overflows from the nose clip, readjust the nose clip according to step 2. If the air overflows from both sides of the mask, adjust the ear band; if you cannot get a good fit, adjust repeatedly.
    7. If there is no air leakage, you can enter the work area to work.


    1. Children under three years of age are not recommended for use.
    2. To ensure the hygiene of the mask, avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
    3. Every time you wear the mask, you should immediately check for "tightness."
    4. Do not wear mask in a confined place where air is not flowing or breathing is difficult, in an oxygen-deficient environment, or while sleeping.
    5. Please make sure that the packaging is intact before use. Do not use the mask is contaminated or damaged.
    6. This mask cannot be washed or sterilized by microwave.
    7. This mask is for one time use only, please do not reuse it.

    Storage conditions and expiration date

    The unopened product is valid for three years from the date of production under the condition that the storage temperature is -4 to + 86and the relative temperature is not higher than 80% (see the internal certification on the production date)


    This mask is only used to protect certain particles. Users must be trained to abide by the correct use methods and local government regulations to use this product. Improper use can cause illness or even death. For the correct method of use, please consult your doctor and refer to the manufacturer's information and instructions.

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