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Race32 F3 Flight Controller

$ 39.99

The newest F3 flight controller from HolyBro. The Race32 F3 features the new STM32 F3 processor (upgrade from the F1 based Naze based boards) capable of super fast loop times and fast floating point calculations, allowing you to utilize the LuxFLoat controller in Betaflight, Cleanflight, or Raceflight. 

The majority of quads fly solid with the default LuxFloat PIDS, reducing the amount of tuning required and getting up in the air much quicker than before. 

Features 8MB of flash memory to record your flights for later tuning via the BlackBox feature. Also, custom ports that minimize soldering, and a stack-able design to use with HoylBro's line of PDB and OSD modules (coming soon). 

The Race32 F3 Flight Controller was designed to give awesome flight performance based on tried and tested sensors whilst also providing unparalleled I/O capabilities in a small and extremely lightweight form-factor.

For steady, locked in performance, and our guarantee that it will not burn out, look no further than this great performing high end FC.

Comes with protective case, our product guarantee, and all necessary wires to connect to PWM, PPM, ESCs, Power Distribution board (coming soon), OSD and Telemetry (coming soon), LEDs, and GPS.


  • Next-generation STM32 F3 processor with faster ARM-Cortex M4 core with floating point hardware unit for efficient flight calculations. Loop times are up to twice as fast as previous-generation STM32F1 based boards.
  • Hybrid plug setup, JST plugs and through holes for pin connectors. No compromise on ports. Full feature support of all modules, all at the same time.
  • Black box flight log recorder – high capacity on-board storage for easy tuning optimization, flight replay, and troubleshooting.
  • Stackable design – perfect for integrating with OSDs and power distribution boards.
  • All plugs are located on the same side of the board for a more space-efficient design.
  • 4 PWM 3Pin though-holes connectors, 8 PWM JST Plug for ESCs, Servos and legacy receivers. Full support for OneShot ESCs.
  • Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus, PPM, PWM receivers. Built-in inverters.
  • Dedicated output for programmable LEDs.
  • PWR ports for voltage and current.
  • Sonar support for precision low-altitude position hold.
  • Buzzer port for warnings and notifications.
  • Barometer mounted on the bottom of the board for easy wind isolation.
  • Configuration of the flight controller via a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).
  • Supports a variety of aircraft, tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, planes and more.

Hardware Specifications

  • 36x36mm board with 30.5mm mounting holes.
  • ~5 grams.
  • STM32F303 CPU with FPU 256kB flash.
  • 8MB (64Mbit) High-Capacity Flash.
  • MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro.
  • MS5611 barometer (Deluxe only).
  • HMC5983 magnetometer (Compass Sensor, Deluxe only).
  • Micro USB socket.
  • 2x 6pin JST-SH sockets (PWR,GPS/I2C).
  • 1x 8pin JST-SH sockets (PPM,PWM,5V,GND)
  • 1x 10pin JST-SH sockets (ESC/Servo connections, 5V, GND).
  • 4x 3pin though-holes for pin headers for ESC/Servo connections.
  • 1x 2pin though-holes for pin headers for buzzer.
  • 1x 3pin JST-ZH sockets (sat.DSM)

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