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    Here are the things the RadioMaster T16S has going for it:

    Built in USB-C Charging.
    USB-C Data/simulator port.
    Bigger battery compartment.
    External SD card slot.
    2 X UART ports for updates and DIY.
    Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward.
    Better case design with improved grip ergonomics.
    Better switch quality and placement design.
    Better sliders with good center feedback.
    Full Size (not small short throw) HALL gimbal with CNC Aluminum face.
    Official OpenTX support.
    Official Multi-module support.
    Improved speaker circuit (no noise).
    Included EPP carry box.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Saverio Avella
    Best Affordable OpenTX Radio!

    Fantastic radio!

    This is one of the most popular radios in the RC hobby for many reasons!

    I upgraded from the Jumper T16 and I’ve not regretted yet. Its simple and colour interface is one of my favourite feature.

    James Fasano
    amazing TX! would recommend to anyone, anywhere!

    Upgraded from a Taranis X9 Lite, and the difference is staggering. Better build quality, smoother gimbals, better LCD, multi protocol. it is an investment in your future as an RC Hobbyist.

    john ojeda
    Sold a week later on ebay $140

    -$20 for fee and -30 for accidental overdraft on shipping label. I could not get it comfortable in my hands and fingers

    Josh Hardie
    So far so so sooooo good

    I’ve only had this radio for one day but so far it has exceeded my expectations. I got it to replace a taranis qx7s because I just wasn’t happy with frsky as a company and the multi protocol module in the tx16s is awesome.

    I flew a few packs with it and wow—man am I glad I ordered this radio! It fits great in my hands which are big. The screen looks fantastic, gimbals are buttery smooth, and the build quality seems pretty on point. The speakers are clear and the switches/pots/sliders all feel great.

    The only complaint I have if I had to think of one is that the included stick ends seem cheap. They had burrs leftover on them. Swapped those out immediately because I already had some M4 stick ends I bought for the radio in advance.

    Thanks for the fast shipping NBD!

    bad batch?

    I've been struggling with tech support for over a month... received faulty radio (multiple sets of switches bad as well as breakout board) and cant get any answers out of radiomaster support. multiple emails ignored.