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    RekonFPV Rekon5 Long Range 5'' Frame Kit

    About RekonFPV: RekonFPV was founded in collaboration between Dave_C and HGLRC. Dave_C is responsible for the lightweight revolution in long range drones! He knows exactly what makes a long range quad great and all of the RekonFPV BNFs and frames show exactly that.

    Rekon5 long range frame

    Note:  SMO 4K Mount is not included in the frame kit

    • Model: Rekon5 Frame Kit
    • Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
    • Type: 5" frame
    • Wheelbase: 210 mm
    • Size: 240 * 155 mm
    • Top plate thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Bottom plate thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Middle plate thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Arm thickness: 4 mm
    • Arm brace thickness: 3 mm
    • Maximum stack height: 23 mm
    • Stack mounting pattern: 20 x 20 mm
    • FPV camera mount: 19 mm
    • Weight: 72.2 g

    Package Includes:

    1x 1.5 mm top plate
    1x 1.5 mm bottom plate
    1x 1.5 mm middle plate
    2x 4 mm arms
    2x 3 mm protective bars
    2x M2 * 25 mm aluminum standoff
    4x M2 * 20 mm aluminum standoff
    4x round head screws M3*20
    4x cup head screws M2*20
    1x cup head screws M2*12
    10x cup head screws M2*9
    12x round head screws M2*5
    1x countersunk screws M5*20
    1x M5 countersunk head screws washer (red)
    1x M5 self-locking nut (red)
    2x 7075 crankset Screws (red)
    2x round head screw M2*4
    4x M3 Self-tightening nut
    5x M2 Self-tightening nut
    8x M3*8 shock-absorption balls
    4x M2*4 shock-absorption balls
    2x Battery cable straps 20x200mm
    1x Battery pad
    1x TPU SMA antenna base
    1x TPU antenna base
    1x TPU camera mount
    1x TPU naked Gopro mount
    1x TPU GPS mount
    1x TPU buzzer holder
    1x TPU T antenna mount

    Recommended parts (not included)

    Flight Controller: F4/F7 with 20x20 mounting pattern
    Motors: 2004 with 12x12 M2 mounting pattern
    ESC: 25A-40A 20x20 mounting pattern
    Camera: 19X9mm size
    Propellers: Max. 5.1 Inch


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