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Shen Drones FPVAddiction Tweaker 4" Frame

$ 51.99

FPVAddiction Tweaker

Another one of Andy Shen's revolutionary quad designs, the Tweaker is a 180mm size micro quad for 4" props, one of the first micro class frames to gain wide popularity in the FPV racing community. For a while the only frames in the market were all the 250mm size "mini" H style quads. This was due to the overall large size of the quadcopter components available at the time. But as components got smaller and smaller the idea of a "micro" sized quad (which today is the 200-150mm length motor to motor category) became more popular. And thus the Tweaker was born. A smaller than standard size quad that can still take the same motors and battery packs as its larger cousins, making it an incredibly fun to fly quad, quicker and more point-and-shoot than a mini, easier to shoot through gaps. What it loses in top speed it makes up for in agility and fun factor.

Flying a 180mm sized quad means you can fly in tighter spaces such as small fields and parks, and shoot through tighter gaps. For many pilots that do not have access to large open fields, such a design is a definite bonus.

The Tweaker features a 20 degree FPV camera tilt and 35mm spacing between body plates. With its ample space the Tweaker builds up as easily as a mini and accepts all the same components.

This is the FPVAddiction version of the Tweaker, with a thick 4mm base plate that is much stronger than the standard 3mm. The FPVAddiction version also supports 22xx style motors, which are more powerful than the 1806 motors that the original Tweaker was designed for.


Andy Shen is a renowned racing frame designer based out of New York City. His frames are known for their well thought out efficiencies in design and aerodynamics. 

Frame weight is 98g


Required Components:



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