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Shen Drones Mixuko 5" Frame

$ 69.99

The Mitsuko

The Mitsuko/Mixuko are small symmetrical + and x quads made for minimal weight and drag and maximal adorability.

That is how Andy Shen describes the Mixsuko, a X style quad fame made for 5" props. This is the bigger cousin of the Mitsuko 4 inch frame, designed for pure speed out on the race track, while the 4 inch Mitsuko is designed for zipping around in very tight spaces, such as small local parks. The inspiration behind this design was to take all the achievements of the Krieger, but then strip it down and try to get the quad as light as possible, focusing purely on speed and maneuverability. The Mixsuko cannot carry an HD cam, a design decision that saves on weight and allows for a faster quad. 

Andy has recently designed some amazing 3d printed pods for his frames, making them even more aerodynamic than before. These pods are available at the following 3d print shops:




Like the Krieger, Mitsuko has variable cam tilt with tool-free adjust-ability. This makes it easier for beginners who are not used to flying at top speeds. You can start off with a 20 degree tilt, and then increment over time as you get faster and faster. The max tilt is 45 degrees.

Andy Shen is a renowned racing frame designer based out of New York City. His frames are known for their well thought out efficiency in design and aerodynamics. 

Andy names some of his frames after characters on the show Archer. Mitsuko is the virtual girlfriend of the mad scientist on the show, Krieger.

Frame weight is 79g

Required Components:


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