The SKY04L is the lite version (also LCOS version) of SKY04 series.

With focus adjustment, 1280*960 high resolution LCOS screen , the screen have vivid color so pilot can see more details in the racing.

With Steadyview receiver, the receiver will merge two signals into one which avoids damaging the image making the image more stable and clear in difficult condition.

The new designed optics have focus adjustment feature and 39 degree field of view gives pilots more immersive FPV experience.

The new OS has 10 languages to choose from. Built-in shuttle wheel and new user interface allow pilots to work on settings simply by rolling the wheel without taking off the goggle.


  • Brand Name: Skyzone

  • Item Name: SKY04L

  • Color: White

  • Screen: LCOS

  • Resolution: 1280X960

  • FOV(Diagonal): 39°

  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9

  • Focus: -6~+6 adjustable

  • Inter-pupillary Distance(IPD): 58-71mm

  • Receiver: 5.8Ghz 48CH Steadyview Receiver

  • Language: 10 Language

  • Power Supply: DC 6.5-25.2V/USB 5V

  • Power Consumption: 720mA at 12V

  • DVR: H264, 60fps, MOV 6Mbps, SD Card support up to 128Gb

  • Head Tracker: 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope

  • Dimensions: 185*75*67mm

  • Weight: 267g


  • - 5.8G 48CH steady view receiver

  • - Focus Adjustment -6~+6

  • - FOV 39°

  • - LCOS 1280*960 High Resolution Screen

  • - Dual Module Bay

  • - Built-in with de-fogging and heat-sink fan

  • - IPD range 58〜71mm

  • - Channel scanning 

  • - Type C connector to upgrade the firmware or power goggle

  • - HDMI in

  • - 2S-6S wide voltage support

  • - Build in Head tracker

  • - H.264 DVR, SD card support up to 128GB

Package Included:

  • 1x SKY04L Goggles

  • 1x Steady view Receiver Module

  • 2x Faceplate (wide and narrow)

  • 1x Sponge

  • 1x Zipper case

  • 1x Power cable

  • 1x Head tracker cable

  • 2x 5.8GHz 2dB antennas

  • 1x Video/Audio Cable

  • 1x USB-C Cable

  • 1x User Manual


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jonas Merrell
    great goggles

    These goggles are great. These are the first real goggles I have used. I used to use my phone and a receiver these are amazing and the reception of the internal module is very good.

    Carson Harrawood
    I stand by Skyzone!

    Had the O2x’s for years.. finally decided I want to upgrade and am THRILLED with the choice I made. The buttons are fantastic. The menus have all improved greatly both with ease and functionality. Only running 100mw on my VTX and these things keep a quick, clear image! 10/10 would recommend.

    I should mention, I prefer LCOS over OLED making these the perfect option for me personally.

    Cesar Mario Salazar Padilla

    Amazing super happy with my purchase

    高野 好男
    Skyzone SKY04L FPV Goggles

    It was easier to handle than I imagined

    Sam M.
    Awesome once you've got them dialed in

    Coming from a pair of FatShark Attitude V3's the O4L is a large step up, especially because I never upgraded the RF module on my Attitude's. The O4L's have a significantly larger field of view and yet their image looks clearer and sharper on the same FPV feed. I believe that's because they've got almost twice the resolution and a much better video reciever. My only complaint with the O4L's is that they're a lot harder to get dialed in than my old FatShark's. I'm far sighted and getting the focus set up correctly for my vision took a fair bit of trial and error, it's definitely a lot more work than just the IPD sliders on my FatShark's. If you don't have glasses, I would strongly suggest you leave the focus dials alone, as they have no indicators to tell you where neutral is, so once you change them you'll have to spend a while hunting for the spot thats best for each of your eyes. I wish they had markings on them so I could dial in my prescription as a starting point for adjustment, as making the initial large adjustments definitely made my eyes unhappy. The built OSD works well, and the DVR recordings look great as well, I appreciate that it as auto-record, so don't have to think about turning it on after the beginning of a flying session. Lastly, I would recommend you watch a few reviews of these and other goggles on YouTube before buying a pair. I felt these were the best bang for the buck at the time I got them, but you may be inclined to choose something different. The $350-500 dollar analog goggle space is very competitive right now, which is wonderful!