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The BeeBrain v.1 - Cleanflight/Betaflight compatible Flight Control for the micro-FPV/Tiny Whoop/Inductrix quad - Flight Controller - NewBeeDrone - NewBeeDrone FPV Shop - 1

The BeeBrain v.1 - Cleanflight/Betaflight compatible Flight Control for the Tiny Whoop/Inductrix quad

$ 49.99


The full BeeBrain manual can be found here!

Please see our UPDATED F.A.Q

Have more questions? Then join our growing community at the BeeBrain FaceBook Group, as well as the TinyWhoop Group. Both are great places to stay up to date, get help and help others to take micro flying to the next level!

The world's first compatible FrSky/DSMX, Betaflight ready, born for acro flight controller for the Tiny Whoop/Inductrix quad!

Full Betaflight compatibility on a STM32 F103 Naze32 style processor.

Fully programmable through Betalfight using the onboard USB port! Tune all the parameters, PID's, and rates to your perfect settings!

Finally, you can fly your Tiny Whoop style quad in full rate mode (or even air mode!), fully execute flips/ rolls, and shoot the smallest of gaps with precision! Tuned to give you that locked in feeling you get with standard race quads.

We make two versions: FrSky compatible and DSMX compatible. No more hacks or modules named after a certain citrus fruit required, just bind and fly! Please select the option that is right for you when making your purchase.

This board is designed to work with current Tiny Whoop/Inductrix setups, just replace the current board with our new BeeBrain vr.1 board and experience the next level of flight control.

Please note: the Taranis version requires your Taranis to run the US firmware that allows it to go into D8 mode. The EU version of the firmware will not work


  • Fully compatible upgrade board for the Tiny Whoop/Inductrix quad. 
  • Full Betaflight compatible Naze32 3x1 format board
  • Program via USB port
  • High discharge battery connector wire for more power and performance
  • (Taranis) FrSky OR (Spectrum) DSMX native


  • STM32 F103 processor
  • Six-Axis: MPU6500
  • Size: 26mm x 26mm, fully compatible with the Inductrix quad frame and mounting pattern
  • Weight: 2.96 grams / 3.37 grams with hardware

Package Includes:

  • 1x BeeBrain Flight Controller
  • 1x set of mounting hardware (4 screws and 4 rubber grommets)


Check out this video from Benedikt at Micro-Motor-Warehouse and his supped up Rambo Whoop with our BeeBrain!


Check out Jesse from TinyWhoop flying around with our new BeeBrain flight controller.


Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the overwhelming response from the community, we have put together this F.A.Q to answer the most commonly asked questions about our new BeeBrain version 1 board

What radio control protocols are used by the different version of the board?

  • The DSMX compatible version uses PPM 7 Channel that is compatible will all DSMX and DSM2 Spectrum radios.
  • The FrSky compatible version uses PPM that is compatible with Taranis radios when set in D8 mode.
  • This is a high-quality Spektrum DSM2 or FrSky S.Bus compatible receiver. It is not an official Spektrum or FrSky receiver. The Spektrum, DSMX and DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies, USA. The FrSky and Taranis brands are trademarks of FrSky Electronics co.

Can other radio controllers be used?

  • Yes, any radio that can take the Orange Rx version module, such as the Turnigy 9X, is compatible with the DSMX version of the board.

Does it work with D8 and D16 FrSky?

  • The FrSky protocol is PPM so only D8.

Will this work with NanoQX transmitter?

  • Yes it does, it works with any 2.4 GHz DSM2/DSMX style controller.

Can it handle 8.5mm high-speed motors?

  • Yes, the board can run 8.5mm motors, but our recommendation is to use the 6mm size motors.

Can it handle 2S batteries?

  • No, it is designed to handle only 1S safely. Using higher cell batteries can damage the board.

What size are the mosFETs? How many amps can each mosFET handle for each motor?

  • The mosFETs are CJ2302 and each one is capable of handling 2 Amps per motor

What Flight Modes does it have?

  • The board runs the popular Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware that is fully customizable and includes several different modes: Auto-Level, Horizon (auto-leveling mode with ability to flip), and full manual (rate). You can also enable AirMode and be able to control the quad at any speed and attitude!

Does it have Altitude Hold?

  • No, we are focused on making this board the lightest and most agile that it  can be, and are excluding extra features such as altitude hold for the time being.

What is the size of the motor micro JST plugs?

    • The board uses the JST 1.25 2 pin style plug. These are also known as the Molex PicoBlade connectors

Can this handle a 400mAh Lipo?

  • The board can handle all 1 cell Lipos of varying mAh size.

I have a Turnigy 9x with the orangeRX DSMX module. Has it been tested with that?

  • The DSMX version of the board works with OrangeRx 1.2 version of the module.

Will this work with Flysky?

  • We currently do not support FlySky or Futaba natively as the first generation boards only support DSM2/DSMX and FrSky PPM protocols.

Is this compatible with the FS-i6?

  • It is not natively compatible, but we are currently testing this radio in AHDS PPM mode.

Does the DSMX or FrSky receiver support telemetry? Or any idea way of knowing the battery voltage?

  • Not for this version of the board, but we do have plans for telemetry in the future!

What else do I need?

  • This is just the flight control board for the  Tiny Whoop/Inductrix. You would still need the either all the other parts that make up the quad (motors, frame, battery, camera). We plan on selling the whole kit (unassembled) once pre-orders arrive in September


Note: This is a high-quality Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 or FrSky S.Bus compatible receiver. It is not an official Spektrum or FrSky receiver. The Spektrum, DSMX and DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies, USA. The FrSky and Taranis brands are trademarks of FrSky Electronics co.

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