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Shen Drones Krieger 5" Frame

$ 89.99

The Krieger


Andy Shen's well designed Krieger is the quadcopter distilled down to its roots, an X style quad that changed the direction of FPV frame design from the H style Blackouts and QUA250's back to the uniform X style. The X format allows for the flight controller to sit in the middle of both motor axis, creating the shortest distance from each motor to the center of gravity and the controller. This translates into more efficient and agile handling as well as easier tuning due to identical PID settings for both the Pitch an Roll axes.

This is the Krieger DTF200 model that is made to spin 5" props, which is the standard for FPV racing. Supports 22xx size motors up to 2206.


Extra thick 4mm carbon fiber arms make it a tough quad to break in a crash.


The FPV camera tilt angle can be adjusted without the use of tools. This makes it easier for beginners who are not used to flying at top speeds. You can start off with a 20 degree tilt, and then increment over time as you get faster and faster. The max tilt is 45 degrees.

With much of its mass closer to its Center of Gravity, and because of its angled body and X shape, the Krieger is capable of quick acceleration and very tight cornering. And with its minimal frontal area, it has far less drag than a typical 5" H quad, resulting in much higher top speeds. This frame is a favorite of racers out on the tracks.


Andy has recently designed some amazing 3d printed pods for his frames, making them even more aerodynamic than before. These pods are available at the following 3d print shops:


Andy Shen is a renowned racing frame designer based out of New York City. His frames are known for their well thought out efficiencies in design and aerodynamics. 


Andy names some of his frames after some of the characters on the show Archer. Krieger is the mad scientist on the show engineering more disasters than solutions. At one point he created a virtual girlfriend for himself, Mitsuko.

Frame weight is 104g


Required Components:


Here is a video of one the Krieger frame in action!


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