ToolkitRC - M7 Multi Function 200w Smart Charger


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I had to update the firmware in order to get it to work. Keep getting main port connection problems. Come to find out it's a common problem with these little chargers. After the update it seems to work fine.

John Clark
Solar ready !

EZ to use. Quick shiping. Included snack was a + . I baut a couple chargers to hook directly too 100 what portable solder panles. After sum experimentation I can bring this to the flying field and charge 6 S battrys at close to 5 amps strait from sun. Very little info on internet on Howe to do this. Charger will throttle back wen cloud passes by very usfull. Fly four free pretty cull I think.

Very compact for traveling

Compact for traveling,it should have ac to be perfect.

Harold Anderson
My new favorite charger

I fly a lot of jets and they are all 6S 5000s and 5800s. I have a lot of batteries and I charge the morning of flying. This means I charge a lot of batteries with a lot of chargers at one time. I don't trust parallel charging. I really like the ISDT line of chargers but have stopped buying them due to premature failure of the encoder(selection roller) and other more catastrophic failures. I have 6 of the ISDT and only 2 of them are still operable. The encoders on the M7 are much better quality and are holding up well to heavy use. I am also replacing the 6 Turnigy and UltraPower chargers I am using with the M7 chargers. These M7s are reliable and have a great display with everything you need. They are quick and easy to use especially if you enable the battery memory settings(change 'battery selection' in the main setup menu from 'off' to 'on'. My only complaint is a minor one, when charging 6S batteries the balance leads are difficult to get unplugged because of the close proximity to the XT-60 connector adapter cable. Try one, you'll be buying more of these.

Scroll wheel didn’t work

Still waiting on a replacement from NBD.