Armattan Slatra 5" Frame


Introducing our new frame, the Slatra. This frame is a non warrantied frame that was first introduced on and it is now also available on the Armattan website. As with all our non warrantied frames, this frame is affordable compared with our lifetime warrantied models.

The Slatra fits up to 5.5 inch props. It weighs a very acceptable 116 grams. The rear end uses custom made CNC posts that protect the CF. The front end uses custom made CNC cam mounts fitted for a micro camera.

A rugged 4mm "bumper" designed at the front end makes this model a good contender for a basher frame that can take a real beating.

Modular arms using only 2 bolts make for speedy field repairs. 

This frame is quite roomy so it's a good frame for a first build, though many frames of this format are used today by experienced pilots.

This frame is more or less an Armattan Badger with a different solution at the front end to make use of micro cams. We also think it is a good option for pilots on a budget, or pilots who care not about the Armattan warranty. This model uses a total of 4 custom made CNC parts and rubber moulded parts. The geometry is exactly the same as the Armattan Badger but it is lighter and simpler by design. 

All in all, the Slatra is a fantastic alternative to our more costly lifetime warrantied offerings. But make no mistake, the attention to details and quality of the components spare no expenses much like all our frames. Perfect for beginners but also a very good option for seasoned pilots who need a frame that can take a beating and live to tell the tale. 



2x 20mm cam mounting standoff
2x 20mm profiled standoff
2x tail posts

4x 4mm M3 iron bolts
10x 6mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
8x 8mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
10x 10mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
12x Sunknuts
4x 16mm M3 iron bolts 
4x 2.5mm M2 cuphead iron bolts

4x 6mm M3 standoffs
4x M3 nylon nuts
2x M6 nylon washers

Carbon Fiber:
1x 2mm Top top plate 
1x 4mm Bottom plate
2x Antenna mount plates (TBS and SMA)

1x Lipo strap
1x Adhesive foam pad
1x HD camera foam pad
4x Dog-bone landing pads
1x Rubber VTX Antenna mount
1x SMA grommet 

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