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    Note: this is the PH2.0 ONLY version.

    What is it and what it do?

    Are you sick and tired of cheap 1S lipo chargers with limited functionally and often inaccurate calibration?

    Do you wish you could use your good 4/6S charger to balance charge/uncharge/storage or even check internal resistance?

    Well me too 😄

    That’s why I designed this balance charging board that would allow doing just that!

    And unlike the dumb balance wire looms that only work when all of the plugs are used,

    I’ve added a jumper so that you don’t have to populate all 6 ports to close the balance circuit.

    Just place the jumper the number of lipos you’re planning to charge and that will make it a 1 to 6S lipo to your charger!

    How is it made?

    With love of course...

    But also with the most rigorous standard for safety and quality.

    • The PCB board I designed from thick traces, copper filled on both sides for thermal dissipation
    • The VIN and balance leads are assembled from 100mm, silicone wires, and genuine Amass XT60
    • The jumpers are encased in a custom-designed, 3D printed connector that keeps foreign objects away, and forbids the bravest of you to attempt plugging the lipo in the wrong place
    • And the assembly performed by yours truly, with testing on each unit.

    In other words, I’ve ironed down every detail with the help of valuable community feedback to bring you the best charging device for your whoop lipos

    It is not a hastily tossed together cash-grab.

    It is the result of several unsatisfactory iterations, samples and prototypes that I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t 100% happy with.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Tyler Brown
    Great Device

    Loves this 1S charger now I can know the internal resistance of my 1S lipos.

    Howard Shpegel
    Smart rt way to charge 1S Batteries

    I really like this charging accessary. You can charge up 6 1s's in parallel and not worry about them having different voltages to start. Very clever. I 3D printed a base to add stability.

    anthony silva

    This is not just a series charger it's a tool. Can monitor your IR of each cell and storage charge etc. Really pleased with it

    Saverio Avella
    If You Use 1S LiPos this Board is a Must Have

    I have two of these boards and they have not failed me yet. You have an adapter that is used to set the number of 1S batteries that are being charged.

    I’ve modified them to plug XT30 plugs.

    The beauty of these boards is that you can put your 1S in storage mode, which you cannot do with any other 1S charger in the market.

    Please read the instructions carefully before using the board. If you don’t follow the recommended charging procedure there’s a good chance that you will damage the board and possibly cause a fire.

    Earl Jensen
    Great board

    I'm over 50 charges in and no issues with board. Such a great tool, only wish I could get one in with BT2.0!!