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    Introducing the Ethix Mini 5.8GHz Analog Mini FPV watch/screen. After literally years of going through different production ideas for ways to better this little guy. We finally deciding it's more about the simplicity of use rather than adding all the bells and whistles of a DVR. Obviously keeping things simple also helps the end user save on cost as well. We decided to go with the most user friendly FPV watch style mini monitor out there, 2 buttons, band scan, and 48 channels. This easy to use little monitor will make your life a breeze whether you're working on quads at home and need to check your FPV feed or out in the field and needing to show some bystanders how amazing this hobby is. The Ethix Mini FPV Monitor has you covered.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Lots of break up in video

    It doesn’t last long for charge

    Not bad at all !

    I have to say it’s not bad ! The antenna could be better but that’s the only negative thing !

    Pretty Good

    The build quality and screen quality are pretty good. It's hard to read OSD text so it's just barely enough to use on the bench. It's almost good enough to fly by except I get a frame desync every couple of seconds which results in about one second of "blackout" and that makes it unflyable.

    Note that there is a screen protector on it when it arrives but there's no obvious pull tab. I thought the screen was scratched and damaged but really there was a protector on it.

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