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    Note: The current batch of head straps do not have a silicone strip. No more hair pulling!

    The perfect accessory kit for your FPV goggles featuring our Max Comfort foam and the super grippy head strap now together in a discounted bundle.


    • NBD Max Comfort Foam (Fatshark/Skyzone)
    • NBD Super Grippy Goggle Strap

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    looks sharp

    love the foam insert for the goggles. Strap was thinner than the ones that came with the goggles so haven't used that yet but the foam is outstanding.

    Great product! just doesn't fit me right.

    everything in this accessory kit is excellent quality. head strap is a great replacement for the worn out fat shark one that I was rocking. the foam... well the foam is also great quality, just does not fit my face well. this foam pushes the goggles too far away from my eyes. For me, this causes distortion in the image primarily on the outer edge of the screens making some elements of my OSD unreadable and everything but the direct center of the display to be slightly out of focus/blurry looking. I have since switched back to the stock foam. really sad that these pads didn't work out for me because they're quality pads.

    NBD Goggle Accessory Kit

    the strap is a strap. However, however, the foam for my face shape and fitment is outstanding. No leaks and very comfortable. Love it.

    Hummingbird Hex

    Hummingbird flies fantastic with the new Hex! It is on rails!

    Goggle strap and foam

    Best purchase I’ve made. The foam is better than my previous fs foam and headband has a slight adhesive substance on the inside that allows the strap to remain firmly in position without sacrificing any comfort. Great buy.

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