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    Are you ready for the ultimate lightweight 3" build? Introducing the NewBeeDrone SavageBee BNF!! A lightweight setup designed to work with our brushless whoop FCs that will blow your mind. No need to build!

    Please Note : You must flash the firmware below on the BBBL V2 FC for the proper tuning. PID profile 1 will be for 1s and PID profile 2 is for 2s. 

     Review Video:



    • The 3D printed battery mount only fits Nitro Nectar Gold 300 mAh batteries
    • For 2s, you will need to purchase a Y-cable if you plan to use two 1s batteries
    • 11420KV motors are intended for 1S only

    Recommended 1s Batteries:

    Recommended 2s Batteries:

    3D Print Battery Mount:


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    What a zippy lil guy

    The SPI is a bit fiddly but with xfire this lil 3" is hands down mt favourite kwad

    Good enough if it's 1s

    when I ran the quad on 2s, It shut down midair. it not good to have this happens during flight. though putting 1s on it, it's fine; good enough for the price. Oh and the camera suck

    Still waiting to hear back from you?????

    Order # 79719 I can't keep my BNF SavageBee off the ground, it will not stay in flight constantly bouncing off the floor because there is no cap on the power supply and having power issues. The SavageBee kit i bought a little before this BNF came with a cap. I really was looking forward to flying the BNF for I haven't put the kit together yet. I will change my star rating when the problem has been resolved.

    Flies great but the camera is awful.

    The camera on this thing is by far the worse camera in any drone that I own and I have a lot of micro/whoop drones to compare to so I am not new to pico cameras. It has terrible transitions between light and dark and when flying towards the sun you can forget about seeing anything but shadows. Unfortunately the connector that is used for the camera is a .8mm pitch blade connector and there are no alternate solder pads which limits my camera options pretty heavily. I will likely switch it out for the same camera that is in my HX100SE which has far better image quality and uses the same .8mm pitch connector. On a positive note this thing flies amazing and has great power. It can also carry some pretty big batteries and I have managed to get it past 5 minute flights hauling around a 450mah pack which it carries with ease. I also like that it has 3 addressable LED's on the board. This thing would be a blast for racing but I have not had that chance yet. I was really surprised to see how well it could power loop on 1S but the voltage sag was fierce. Range is about what you would expect from an SPI receiver at about 100 yards maximum. I still can't recommend it unless they can improve the camera.

    Great 3inch

    Its the best of 3 inch i love because NewBeeDrone its the best

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