Some might have noticed that NewBeeDrone has greatly improved its customer service since Covid-19 started in 2020. The secret? D.A.L.T.O.N. which stands for Data Algorithmic Learning Technology Of NewBeeDrone. In reality, there was never a person named Dalton who was responding to our customers’ emails and chats — they are in fact all just one bot named D.A.L.T.O.N.

Development wasn’t easy. NewBeeDrone analyzed up to 5 years worth of their customer interactions to train D.A.L.T.O.N.’s algorithm to work and make the AI have human-like tone and compassion. Occasionally, we have angry customers calling Dalton, “see you in hell, you rat f*ck” (actual quote) which NewBeeDrone would need to manually remove these outlier data points in order to properly train D.A.L.T.O.N. to not respond to some of the customer BS that could mess up the algorithm. “For the best D.A.L.T.O.N. AI experience, customers need to understand that if you respect D.A.L.T.O.N., D.A.L.T.O.N. will respect you,” said Daryn, COO of NewBeeDrone, “The algorithm is not that complex.”


Updated 8:58 PM ET, Wed March 30, 2022