In the past couple decades, Tesla Inc. has revolutionized the clean air automotive industry with its sleek, sexy designs. Tesla automobiles have become a symbol of style, status, sustainability, and efficiency. Moreover, last fall CEO Elon Musk announced he was designing a humanoid robot with plans to debut its prototype this year – no big surprise coming from the daring CEO of a company specializing in AI products. Company value has also skyrocketed in the past two years with equity totaling 30.2 billion dollars and current stock valuation at over 1000 dollars per share. All things considered, Tesla is one of the most prominent companies out there today.

Recently, Tesla reported its plans to collaborate with drone manufacturer NewBeeDrone to produce a series of battery-operated flying cars. The combination of Tesla’s expertise in the EV industry and NBD’s aircraft prowess is an indicator of the caliber of product we can anticipate once innovations are complete. CEOs Elon Musk and Kelvin Lee have declined to offer up further details on the project.


Updated 12:01 AM ET, Fri April 1, 2022