Last night Bradley Cooper, a resident of Los Angeles County, claims to have seen Jeff Bezos flying one of NBD’s newest models on a beach in Santa Monica, California. Bezos, founder of Amazon and the second richest man in the world, was allegedly spotted around sunset, his dog Luna playing next to him in the water. Cooper said he was impressed because Bezos was “really, really good at” flying the drone. “He seemed to really know what he was doing,” said Cooper, “and why wouldn’t he? He’s Jeff Bezos!” He also described Bezos as wearing a bright red Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts.

It seems Bezos has been busy with a great number of projects lately. His space exploration company Blue Origin is supposedly planning to submit a bid to build a spaceship for NASA in competition with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. May the best man win.

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Updated 12:00 AM ET, Fri April 1, 2022