An unnamed insider at Apple revealed its plans to release the iPhone 14 six months earlier than expected. Last September, the new iPhone 13 boasted better quality display and a faster refresh rate among other things, but was – in all honesty – not that much of an upgrade from the 12. It is unclear how the company managed to get from there to here in less than six months, but apparently it was achievable – no rules or regulations were bypassed – Apple employees have just been extra-industrious this year. Could it be that this is in response to widespread excitement that Covid-19 is now almost a thing of the past?

According to the source, which was confirmed to be reliable, there has been a significant increase in employee contentment since the beginning of this year, which only intensified when the mask mandates were lifted this month. “We are so excited to unveil the 14’s new features, you have no idea…” said the source. “The innovations are so extensive they’re going to make all previous models seem obsolete.” Whether this is true or not, we will see in due time.


Updated 06:33 PM ET, Thu March 31, 2022