Upgraded more powerful magnets giving the overall feel of the motor a more crisp response coupled with more low end torque allowing more bite in the corners or in a dive pullout maneuver. This extra thrust is sometimes needed for racing or high g freestyle flying, or if you just want more power without changing your favorite prop.

Same would renounes efficiency the Mr Steele motors offer but now with 10% more thrust.


You thought building and customizing your fpv drones was cool before, well things just got a bit deeper. Introducing the Mr. Steele Stout motor Bell. These bells were designed for ultimate drone customizability in the field. Oh and they come in various colors including black, black, and black.

What makes these black bells so special you ask? Well, let me spin a story that will bring insight tragedy and lust into your eyes. A long long time ago a young Mustached chap dreamt of being able to have one motor that could do it all, freestyle, race, and cinema. The dream was to be achieved by having quick interchangeable components that could transform the aircraft. Thus the Mr Steele Silks were born with their evil more powerful twin brother the “stouts” missing the v1 motor rollout and ended up sabotaging the motors release with c clip failures. Long story short a mailable c clip was to be used so that the Stouts could be interchanged quickly and easily.. but a hiccup in the idea pushed the Stout Motors release indefinitely.

So finally the Ethix Mr Steele Stout motor Bell.  Which can be changed in a matter of minutes from all silks to all stouts unceasing the drone's power output by 10%. Yes, 10% more thrust just by changing the bell of the motor!!


100% compatible and backward compatible with Mr Steele Silk v2 or v1 base.

Unlike most companies, TBS and ETHIX look after your bottom-line: The stout bell fits the old motor! So if you are a Steele V1 owner and you'd like to upgrade to the steel shaft, N52 magnets, and c-clip free design without breaking the bank, simply get a set of motor bells instead of the full motor. The swap is quick and painless. You'll miss out on motor pants, but that's okay :)


  • 1 x Ethix Mr Steele 2345kv Stout V2 Spare Bell
  • 1 x Prop Nut
  • 1 x M2 x 4mm screw (Bottom Screw)

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      Prop savers

      These bells will selflessly sacrifice their shafts to protect your precious props. I've crashed three of these and each time the shaft safely snapped off and allowed the bell and prop to detach from the rest of the motor assembly and fly off to safety. Sure, the motor was totally f***ed but the props? Not a scratch.