FatShark Dominator HD FPV Goggles

The FatShark Dominator returns! This FPV Drone goggle features high fidelity FullHD OLED displays and supports a new 1080p video transmission protocol in a compact design. A wide range of IPD and focus adjustments allows the user to tune the optics for any eye. The Dominator is packed with premium features such as USB-C Video out, HD DVR recording, and an intuitive full-color graphic user interface. Support for Betaflight Canvas Mode puts you in control of the on-screen display. The Dominator is the new standard for premium FPV.

  • Certifications: Applied for FCC
  • Model Name: DOMINATOR
  • Model Number: FSV1125


  • Customizable Fit with Optional Faceplate Pad Accessories
  • HD Video Output via USB-C Connector
  • Supports Betaflight Canvas Mode
  • Adjustable Anti-Fog Ventilation
  • On/Off Power Button
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Integrated HD DVR
  • XT60 Power Cable
  • Goggle Strap
  • Carry Case


    • Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD): 57 ~ 70mm (adjustable)
    • Adjustable Focus Range: +2 to -6 diopter
    • Field of View (FOV): 46°
    • Full HD 1080p OLED Dual Micro Displays
    • 7-21V (2S-5S)


  • 1x Fat Shark Dominator Digital HD FPV Goggles
  • 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x XT60 Power Cable
  • 1x Goggle Strap
  • 1x Carry Case


Note: This system needs to be paired with the compatible VTX and Camera, the goggles alone do not include the HD transmitter and Camera. (sold separately)

Customer Reviews

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Zkully Dronez
Beautiful goggles, but a video link that needs firmware improvement

Well, they're finally here. I took the plunge and bought into the Fatsnail HD. Reviewing this system here would take too much, so I'll focus on the goggles themselves:

The goggles look and feel fit nice. The build quality is high, and they're easy to use and program. The packaging is simple: You receive a barrel-connector-to-XT60 wire for powering your goggles with your Lipo of choice (DO NOT USE 6s! ONLY 2s to 5s!) and a cleaning cloth for the lenses. The goggles weight 310 grams without antennas. You will have to buy your own antennas since these don't come with any. A shame for $600+. I recommend TrueRC omni stubby's. They give me great 360-degree range and clarity.

I'm actually surprised that the goggle strap feels good. It's stretchy and tight, it doesn't slide or pinch, and it's wide enough.

The real stars of the show are the OLED screens inside this goggle. They look beautiful. The diopter and IPD adjustments work great, too -- truly the clearest picture I've seen in any FPV goggles before. It beats even those found on the DJI v2 and the Orqa FPV.One. I'm incredibly disappointed Fatshark/Walksnail didn't take the time to include a VRX module bay, so one could at least enjoy using these very, very nice goggles with any other analog setup. Oh, well. I'm happy enough with the picture/VTX, which brings me to link quality:

The VTX and video link continues to require improvements via firmware. As of the latest (21.22.5) July firmware, the picture clarity improved dramatically from the day-one garbage we all saw *ahem* CERTAIN YOUTUBERS PEDDLING. When you're getting a proper 25 Mbps/25ms feed, these look a tad better than DJI on 720p. Colors look deeper, edges are sharper. But this doesn't happen often enough, especially when you're in a multipath environment. Feel free to look up my actual, honest, no-BS video review by Zkully Dronez for flight footage and feedback. You will get random latency spikes, sometimes lasting only 130-200ms, but sometimes closer to 500ms, even 800ms. It's enough to stop your flight if you're not careful.