Gemfan 5152 Flash 3 Blade Propellers

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Material: PC

Weight: 5g

Pitch: 4.2in

Prop Dia: 129.42mm

Center Thickness: 7.5mm

Center Hole Dia: 5mm 

Adaptive Motor: 2205-2306

Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Clear

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Customer Reviews

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Cody R Smith
Flimsy Feathery Tips

The tip of the props are soooo thin and flimsy they get misshapen very easily causing lots of noise. I felt the need to use fingernail clippers to remove the tip, now they sound fine and the do fly pretty well though I think my tune could be better for them as they do get a lil more propwash than my 5149 that are the next closest size I have to these.