HAKRC F7220 32-bit AIO Specification

Product features:

1. The PCB adopts high-end 8-layer 2oZ thickened copper sheet, with stronger overcurrent capacity and good heat dissipation.

2. MOS adopts imported 40V high current withstand MOS, with long service life and strong load capacity.

3. Adopting industrial grade LDO, resistant to high temperature.

4. Adopting high-quality Japanese Murata capacitors with strong filtering performance

Size: 40 * 30mm (20mm-20mm mounting hole)

Packaging size: 64 * 64 * 35mm

Net weight of product: 10g

Packaging weight: 44g

32 bit electrical adjustment

Integration: Barometer, Black Box

5V/3A, 10V/2.5A dual BEC

Recommended pairing:

Motor: 2004-2306

Paddle: D90 five blade paddle - T5146 three blade paddle

Flight control parameters:


IMU: ICM42688

OSD: AT7456E

Barometer: integrated

Black box: 16M

BEC: 5V/3A

BEC: 10V/2.5A

Uart: 5

Input voltage: 2S-6S Lipo

MOS model: 7140

PWM: 24-128K

Continuous current: 40A

Peak current: 45A

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