Note: The current batch of head straps do not have a silicone strip. No more hair pulling!

The perfect accessory kit for your FPV goggles featuring our Max Comfort foam and the super grippy head strap now together in a discounted bundle.


  • NBD Max Comfort Foam (Fatshark/Skyzone)
  • NBD Super Grippy Goggle Strap

Customer Reviews

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dominator v3 kit

I purchased this accessory kit for my dominatorV3s. At first I didn't believe it was that important of a purchase, but after switching out the foam pads and putting on the Newbeedrone strap I cannot imagine using these goggles for long periods of time without them. When they say "Max Comfort" they mean it. As always shipping from newbeedrone is on point and my package came early. Will definitely pick up this kit again when i upgrade my goggles!!

Nice goggle strap!!

Very nice goggle strap, vertically wider than the original FS narrow band; extremely comfortable! Foam facepad is comfortable as well. Items were on sale so that's a plus and speedy shipping!

Does not fit the Skyzone 04L

-The Velcro does not fit on the wide Skyzone 04L frame and began peeling off almost immediately.
-The NBD Max Comfort Foam is incredibly comfortable, I'm disappointed that the Velcro is peeling off.
-The NBD Super Grippy Goggle Strap has great grip despite the width being just shy an inch. Is good for those who prefer a thin and light google strap.

Elliott Rivera
Awesome Deal!!!

The HD02 replacement goggle foam is waaaayyyyy better than the original FatShark goggle foam. They're not too plush feeling but also not too stiff. The perfect balance of comfortability and durability. The goggle strap is another beast entirely on it's own giving you extra grip when you need it! For 12 bucks you can't beat this awesome deal!!!

Must Have!

It's a really good stuff for goggles!