Jumper T20 HALL Sensor Gimbals OLED Screen Radio Controller ELRS EdgeTX Multi Protocol

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Shauny D
Solid Radio with Good Looks

Got this for a backup and travel friendly radio. I like the smaller size compared to my tx16s and the gimbal size of t20 makes moving between radios easier. For a pincher i have trouble placing my fingers in the back with quick access to disarm but i’m getting used to it. Battery life with 2 18650s is crazy good.
My only real complaint so far is it won’t connect to simulators. Mac or PC, steam, or Velocidrone shows as t20 connected but no response to any switches or gimbal input.


Its been awesome so far

Erik Smith
Great radio

I got the T20 to try something with a different shape that could work with my hands. I have big hands/long fingers but I have some nerve issues that using bigger ratios like the boxer or TX16 makes very difficult due to the ergonomics. This radio works perfect for me, the ergonomics make sense, all the switches work well and seem really solid. I have the basic gimbals and they feel nice to me, I might swap them out for the “better gimbals” but that’s something for the future. I fly quads but want to get into fixed wing as well and this radio will be able you handle it no problem.

Mostafa Bakir
Great remote

Perfect size and button placement.

John P Larson

Smaller footprint, lighter weight then my daily controller. Gimbals feel very smooooth. I'm able to hybrid pinch. Because of elrs binding phrase, can easily switch radios.
Replaced stick ends with Five33 rip sticks, didn't like stock ones. Also it should have a momentary switch on the right side.
Overall happy with it.