NewBeeDrone FatStraps 2" FPV Goggle Strap for DJI Goggle V2

Product Details

NewBeeDrone has teamed up with FatStraps to make our unique limited version of the FatStraps goggle strap. Now you can rock your goggles with all NewBeeDrone accessories. Featuring military grade, 2" Molle elastic strap to ensure that your strap stays on comfortably the entire time you fly. For maximum comfort, pair the NewBeeDrone FatStraps with our Max Comfort Goggle Foam (DJI, Analog).


    Securely snap onto DJI goggles to keep them safe thanks to DOT fasteners. The included Fat Shark/18650 battery holder slides and is removable to suit your power preferences. Keep your battery by your ear, behind your head, or in your pocket.

    FatShark version is only for dominator style FatShark goggles, does not fit on the Scout or Recon!

    All FatStraps are made in the USA from high quality durable components, and the Military Grade straps are especially tough. The FatShark version has a stationary battery pouch sewn into the right side that perfectly holds your goggle battery or 18650 case. The DJI version has a removable sliding elastic section that allows you to mount your battery anywhere along the strap, or in your pocket. The material, fittings, and stitching on these straps are all top notch. 

      Customer Reviews

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      I had to pay tax and problems with present at customs clearance

      I paid tax for this order 150-200 dollars in EU. Also I had problems with zero price items(a present) on the invoice at customs clearance.

      miran bertschi

      very nice quality.

      Jonathan Merz
      Keeps the goggles on my head

      Normal head straps and the dji goggles don’t stay on my head very well. Especially when they are up on my forehead. Guaranteed to slip off. The NBD fatties stay in place much better. They are way more comfortable too. I dig em.

      Daniel Navarro
      The best

      Top notch quality. An obvious step up in build materials & comfort. I also dig the battery strap, which is vertical rather than horizontal like most are. Makes much more sense as it holds the battery in place & prevents it from falling. Other straps are open at the bottom & wear out over time making it very easy for the battery pack to slip through. This design prevents that from occurring. Great graphics, too.

      Saverio Avella
      Great Replacement for the DJI Straps

      When compared to the straps that come with DJI FPV Goggles, these are definitely superior!