Replacement Parts for the NewBeeDrone Invisi360 Frame

The Invisi360 is a versatile, safe, and high-performance platform for the Insta360 ONE R 360 Camera. With this drone, you'll be able to capture complete 360 degree footage all in one go!

We've designed the frame to be only 0.85 inches thick to allow the camera to stitch together images from two cameras with no blind spots. Included are camera lens covers that protect the lens from scratching.

A unique design feature is that there isn't one large battery compartment throwing off the center of gravity. The Invisi360 has mounting slots for two separate batteries that connects together to power the drone. This leads to a perfectly balanced CG and flexibility in flying either 4s or 6s.

In indoor situations, flying 4s mutes the power and makes it easier to control altitude. When flying outdoors with higher speeds, 6s provides the necessary power to perform maneuvers and chase subjects.

Available Replacement Frame Parts

Below is a list of every replacement part that you will need to make your NewbeeDrone Invisi360 frame like new! Each order includes the quantity listed below.

  • 1x   Top Plate
  • 1x   Bottom Plate
  • 12x 3D Printed Parts
  • 2x   Power Board and USB
  • 2x   Insta360 OneR Camera Lens Protector   
  • 1x Hardware and Standoffs

For All the 3D printed part STL file : Link


Customer Reviews

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Matt Truitt
Great customer service

Thanks Newbee for helping me out and finding the parts I needed.

James Beard

Great customer service, the best in the business