Warning this goggle foam might not fit with some people's face. Clean up price. Not refundable 

Finally a quality goggle foam to match the quality of the DJI Goggles 2. 


Are you tired of the stock DJI goggle foam that leaks light or is just plain uncomfortable? Have you tried other aftermarket DJI goggle foams that don't fit right or make it difficult to breathe from your your nose? We've tried them all too and none of them come close to the quality and comfort of the NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles. 

Created from Soft Touch NewBeeDrone Comfort Foam, our goggle foam is perfectly sculpted to fit all face shapes.  Some foams are too thin and make goggles uncomfortable.  Others are too thick and make goggles stick out too far, throwing off the balance and making them feel heavy. The NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggles Foam is the perfect compromise at 23mm at its thickest and 14mm at its thinnest. We named them Max Comfort for a reason.

Also included is an optional V Pad to eliminate that last little bit of light leak around the bridge of the nose that plagues some pilots.

Throw out that old, sweaty, ill fitting goggle foam and get the NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles.


  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Eliminates light leak with included, optional V Pad for the bridge of the nose.
  • Made out of extra comfortable, Soft Touch NewBeeDrone Comfort Foam.
  • Perfectly sculpted to fit all faces.
  • The perfect thickness for comfort and goggle balance.


  • 23mm at its thickest.
  • 14mm at its thinnest.
  • Color: Black,Grey


  • 1x  NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles 2
  • 10x Velcro Pads

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Goggles 2 foam

Not so great …
Stock padding is firm

The nose is weird

The nose on these has no support as you take out the original foam that comes with the goggles. This doesn’t make sense they didn’t have an added nose feature and I get more light leak that originals. Just being honest! I wanted to love them.

Not for large noses

Bought this thinking it would solve my fit issues with a large nose. It in fact is even less comfortable than the stock foam padding, and it also prevents you from using the plastic lens cover to protect the OLED screen from burning due to sun exposure when out flying between packs. I ended up cutting it into pieces and only putting the lower cheek portion on top of the stock foam so it would relieve the pressure from my nose. Works fine enough in this state.

Not great for me

They didn't really fit my face well. Made of cloth and I don't really like that they just stick on the goggles with velcro tape. Cheap in my opinion.

NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles 2

I have a slim face and slim nose. This foam is worse than the cheap aliexpress version. It tilts the goggles forward from the top and causes them to go out of focus and does not close in enough on the sides to block out the light. It is a fight to get them into a position where the screens are in focus and that they stay in place. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY!