Some people say three points are more stable than 4 points, but in my test results, it is way better than a 3 bearing mount solution. It makes the print bed more locked in and stable. 

The kit comes with 

1x 6mm Carbon fiber Quad Bearing mount
4x Misumi LM8UU Linear Bearing 
4x Bearing holder 
10x M3 Steele screw for bearing holder 


1. Remove your the heat bed screws and take out the heat bed, keep the original screw and stand-off, we are going to use it later.

2. Unscrew 6 locknut to release the original mount from the bearing, unscrew the belt holder. 

3. Cut the rod holder zip ties to release the rod and remove the original bearing. After you remove the original bearing, please use microfiber cloth to clean up the rod. 

4. Install the Misumi LM8UU bearing on the carbon fiber mount, use the metal holder and the screw to secure the bearing. (At this step, please make sure the bearing are placing in the right position)

5. Install both rod into the bearing and mount it back to the frame, install the belt holder back to the carbon fiber mount. 

6. Put on the stand-off from took out from step 1, the carbon fiber plate we make a stand-off sink hole to make it easy to hold the stand-off in position. Put on the heat bed and use the step 1 screw to lock in the heat bed. 

7. Redo the First layer calibration, set the value to 0 and adjust it to the right position during the calibration. 

Now all set!  Enjoy the printing! 

Comparison for the Original base vs the Carbon fiber base.
Carbon fiber bed mount weightPrusa original bed mount weight 

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Customer Reviews

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An Honest Improvement

This was kind of a late night lark. I'd seen this upgrade for the Mk3 for a while and pondered whether it was a gimmick or not, and I'm pleased to say it's a genuinely good upgrade. It has reduced the noise of my Mk3 considerably. I haven't noted any significant increase in print quality, but the old drone of the bed is gone and that's completely worth it.

Dave H
Best upgrade for my i3 MK3S+

I immediately saw improvements to my prints after installing this improved design print bed mount. It also eliminated the known issue of Y-axis travel noise. A pricey upgrade but very much worth it.

4 bearings are better then 3

I am a machinist and have never liked the fact that there were three used in the design of the PRUSA. I purchased this update and must say I am quite impressed. The greatest part is that I can print much faster now that the garage is lighter. Echoes in the Y axis are almost completely gone. Even at 200% printing speeds over the defaults from Prusa. Also the internet forum buzz about 4 bearing create binding while 3 avoids it, that is nonsense. Just tighten your Y axis rods with the garage at the front then the back screws with the garage slid all the way back.

Joan Tabbs
Early days review NewBee Drone 4 bearing upgrade.

Following discussion on the internet relating to Y Axis platform rotation, on the Prusa Mk3 Series printers,

I was Gifted a NewBee Drone, 4 Bearing Upgrade for my Prusa Mk3S Printer.

'Previous Internet wisdom' had said that Prusa used a three bearing Y platform, to prevent Jamming in the motion, due to 'Over Constraint'

After receipt of the four bearing Y platform, I Experienced a simple install, essentially a direct replacement for the original Prusa Y axis Platform. (even though the supplier said the bearings were pre lubed... I lubricated them before assembly.... so that I KNOW! how well they have been lubricated :-) )

the New Platform had recesses for the Y axis / heatbed spacers which made installation much easier than the original setup.

the new platform is manufactured from Carbon Fibre Plate, with embedded threaded inserts for all of the fittings (I don't know how carbon fibre will stand up to printing high temperature filaments in an enclosure. I only print low temperature filaments at the moment and the carbon fibre has not demonstrated any negative effect in this environment)

Following installation I noticed less free play in the rotation around the Z axis (which is the design intent)

However I also noticed a little additional resistance in the Y axis movement. (Definitely no indication of jamming that the 'internet wisdom' had said would happen This may be a function of the new bearing dust seals, and the new lubricant application, in comparison to the original setup which has been in use for yers!)

I have successfully printed some small prints since I received the upgrade.

but I have not done a full volume print, or a print with significant mass, which may cause the Y motor to exhibit difficulty moving the Y platform.

all in all a good experience so far (Obviously there is also a liklihood that the four bearing Y platform will 'Bed in' further over the next few prints which would reduce the additional resistance on the Y axis)

thank you for the opportunity to experience the four bearing upgrade.

Mark Owens
Fantasic Upgrade to Prusa MK3s

This is a fantastic product upgrade kit for my Prusa MK3s printer replacing the bed with this carbon fiber unit and bearings, system is lighter and less micro vibrations also got the aluminum fan shroud no chance of melting this one, great products and well made would recommend for anyone wanting an upgrade