AOS LR5 EVO Frame Kit


From AOS O3 BNF/Frame kit to AOS EVO BNF/Frame kit, mainly updated side plates and silicone dampers. The hardpoints for XT30/XT60 mounting mentioned by Chris Rosser will be updated and released in a few weeks.


The latest version of this frame is the AOS LR5 O3. It has updated camera plates to support the DJI O3 Air Unit as well as all other 19-20mm FPV cameras.

The AOS LR5 is an ultralight 5 inch frame designed for long range and immersive freestyle. Explore like never before with a long range frame that's easy to tune and loves to freestyle.


Product Name: AOS LR5 EVO Frame Kit

Frame wheelbase: 202.5mm

Frame Dimension: L173.5*W132*H29.5 mm

Arm Thickness: 5mm

Top Plate Thickness: 1.5mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 1.5mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 1.5mm

Motor Mounting: 12x12mm

VTX Mounting: 20*20/Φ2mm / 25.5*25.5/Φ2mm

Weight:  108 grams

Packing List

1 x AOS LR5 EVO Frame Kit

2 x Battery pad

1 x Screw Bag

2 x Battery Strap

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