Like your drones to be flashy? Well, with the EMAX Pulsar motors you can, quite literally, light up the sky! There are 3 LEDs integrated onto the bottom of the motor. These LEDs change the brightness according to the current going through them, so the faster you fly, the brighter the light!

Change the color by easily swapping out different colored motor pants included in the package.

And what are looks without performance? You'll be glad to hear the Pulsar is equipped with powerful N52 magnets, 9x4x4 EZO bearings, and a strong steel shaft. With two different KV's to choose from, (1700kv and 2400kv) these 2306 motors are ready to "brighten" your day no matter what voltage you are flying on!


  • Bright White LED Illuminated Motor Base w/ Interchangeable Colored Covers
  • Motor Wire Solder Pads on Motor Base
  • N52 Arc Magnets
  • Precision EZO 9x4x4 Bearing
  • Hollow Steel Shaft
  • Multi-stranded Motor Winding


  • Framework: 12N14P
  • Length: 33mm
  • Diameter: 27.7mm
  • No.of cells: 3-6S
  • Propeller: 5"-5.5"
  • Weight: 31.7g (W/O Silicone Wire)
  • Prop Adapter Thread: M5 CW
  • Bearing Shaft: 4mm
  • Motor Wire Length: 115mm
  • Mounting Pattern: 16mmx16mm