Foxeer FPV antennas are known for their great performance and price. These new micro Lollipop antennas they are bringing that same performance and price to the micro and ultralight builds.

Smaller, Lighter but stronger
Durable structure
Available in 4 different colors
Ultra Lightweight

Center Frequency: 5.7GHz
Gain: 2.5dBi
Axial Ratio: Close to 1
Band Width: 5.5G~6GHz
Radiation Efficiency: 98%
SWR: 1.06 at Center Frequency
Connector: SMA/RPSMA/StraightMMCX/AngleMMCX/UFL
Dimension: 11*65mm
Cable Length: 51mm
Polarization: RHCP/LHCP
Case Material: PC+ABS
Cable: RG178 SFX086
Weight: 1.6 Grams (u.Fl connector)

2 x Micro Lollipop Antenna